It's time to invest in your wellbeing.

Health is your most valuable asset. If you're ready for change, to challenge your mindset, explore beyond the conventional psychiatric approach and invest in yourself to find lasting wellness, this practice is ideal for you.  

We specialize in identifying the root causes of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and sleep issues. We'll work together to find effective, actionable tools so that you can “graduate” from treatment.


We also specialize in helping people to reduce or stop using psychiatric medications and sleep aids. 


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Our services are available only within California.

We do not work with severe or acute stages of mental illness.  If acute stabilization is needed, we may refer your to another specialist or treatment center for more intensive management.

Discovery call

We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and determine if this practice is a good fit. 

15 minutes


Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

We'll start with an initial evaluation (intake) in order to formulate a comprehensive protocol tailored for you. During this first appointment, we'll explore your current challenges and discuss your background psychiatric and medical history. We'll assess various aspects of your health and lifestyle, including medications, diet and digestion, exercise, substance use, family history and relationships, occupation, and spiritual beliefs. In addition, we'll review any diagnostic tests that you may have had done. When appropriate, we may also consult with other health professionals on your treatment team. Based on our thorough evaluation, we'll provide you with feedback and guidance to help you achieve optimal wellness. 

90 - 120 minutes


Holistic Sleep Medicine Evaluation

These appointments are for you to focus on restoring healthy sleep, manage circadian (body clock) issues, overcome insomnia, reduce or stop use of sleep aids, explore an integrative approach to improve sleep quality, or obtain a second opinion on the results of your sleep studies.

90 - 120 minutes


Consultative Evaluation (Second Opinion) 

These appointments provide a comprehensive “second opinion” regarding your current diagnosis and treatment plan. In this service, we function as consultants to your current mental health treatment. If you opt to make use of this service, you will be expected to maintain your primary prescription and treatment through a psychiatrist and/or a primary care clinician.

 90 - 120 minutes


Follow-Up Visit - Full Session

During these full sessions, we'll evaluate your response to treatment and make adjustments to the treatment plan where needed. These sessions also allow us time for more in-depth psychotherapy, reviewing test results, discussing ways to implement healthy behaviors into your daily routine, general support, and exploring other aspects of your life and mindset that impact your health and wellbeing.

55 minutes


Follow-Up Visit - Focused Session

In these focused visits we'll check in about your progress, evaluate response to treatment, review new test results, make simple adjustments to the treatment plan, or work on brief, focused psychotherapy.

25 minutes


Policies & Insurance

Full payment is due at the time service is rendered. We accept cash and credit card. 
We do not participate in any health insurance plans or Medicare and are considered an "out of network" practice. Health insurance companies restrict the duration, frequency, and content of appointments, resulting in rushed sessions and compromised care. At IntraBalance Integrative Psychiatry & Sleep, we pride ourselves on providing excellent, comprehensive, collaborative care and cannot do this with the restrictions imposed by insurance companies. 
Cancellation and no-show policy 
Your appointment time is reserved for you. As a courtesy to others who are on the waiting list and to avoid being charged the full session fee, please provide at least 2 business days’ notice to cancel appointments. No shows will be charged the full session fee.