Better sleep means better performance. This guide will give you practical and effective tools to optimize your sleep tonight.

Our Approach

Our goal is to help you live a fuller, healthier, and happier life by addressing every aspect of your health and wellbeing - mind, body, and spirit.

We collaborate with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that works specifically for you and fits with your lifestyle.

We use an integrative framework that includes nutrition, meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, and a variety of other effective treatment options in addition to medications when needed. If you are already taking medications, we will work with you. We have helped many patients reduce and even stop medications altogether.


We integrate the principles of Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine from India, into treatment, blending the best of ancient wisdom and modern science.


We specialize in both Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine and can help you enhance your wellbeing – day and night.  ​


We want to ensure that every aspect of your health is taken care of. We have a wide referral network in the community and will refer you to other integrative or allopathic specialists when needed.


About Us

We serve busy professionals looking for a personal, comprehensive approach to care. We believe in addressing the root cause of mental health symptoms and promoting health and wellness by enhancing the body’s innate healing mechanisms. 

Telemedicine sessions are available within California.


Why Choose Us?

You want to understand more about the root causes of your symptoms and receive a thorough, personalized assessment.

You are looking for a psychiatrist who will take the time listen to all of your concerns and discuss every aspect of your life, from your diet, medical history, and work to your relationships and spiritual beliefs and everything in between.

You are interested in including supplements, herbs, and nutritional interventions into your psychiatric treatment plan.

You would like to incorporate yoga and meditation into your treatment in a way that is manageable and effective.

You would like to learn practical tools to integrate healthy and supportive habits into your day so that you can perform better at work and in all other aspects of your life.

You want to reduce your use of medications and learn additional ways to promote wellbeing and emotional fitness.

You want to improve your sleep quality using evidence-based behavioral and integrative practices.

You would like a second opinion about your current psychiatric treatment plan.


Meet the Doctor 

Nishi Bhopal M.D. 
Board Certified in Psychiatry, Sleep Medicine & Integrative Holistic Medicine 

Dr. Bhopal is board certified in Psychiatry, Sleep Medicine, and Integrative Holistic Medicine. She graduated from the University College Cork School of Medicine, completed her Psychiatric residency training at Henry Ford Health System, and her fellowship in Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School.


Having grown up in an Indian family in Canada and lived in several different countries, she understands what it means to be multicultural and is attuned to the unique challenges faced by immigrants and expats. She is also a meditator and brings her experiences with yoga and meditation into her clinical practice. Dr. Bhopal believes in the innate healing power of the body, mind, and spirit and strives to help each patient harness their unique strengths throughout the course of the treatment process. She is passionate about learning and dedicated to ongoing education through various training programs including the Maharishi Ayurveda Institute and the Integrative Psychiatry Institute, and is  a founding member of the SameHere Psych Alliance.


Integrative Psychiatry

Integrative Psychiatry is a holistic approach to psychiatry that takes into account the whole person and their lifestyle. The focus is not only on the absence of disease, but also on prevention, optimizing health and wellness, and facilitating the body’s natural healing response. The approach is based in scientific evidence, blending the best of modern medicine with the wisdom of ancient practices. Treatment may include psychotherapy, nutrition and supplements, yoga, exercise, and meditation practices. Medications may be considered when appropriate but are not the focus of treatment.

Sleep Medicine is the field of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders including insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, hypersomnia, and sleep related breathing disorders like obstructive sleep apnea. Physicians who specialize in sleep medicine have completed additional subspecialty training. Because poor quality sleep affects so many different aspects of health, sleep specialists come from a variety of backgrounds including Psychiatry, Neurology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology, and ENT. This clinic is not equipped to perform sleep studies, but we specialize in the interface between mental health and sleep and will refer patients to a sleep clinic for additional testing when needed.


Originating in India thousands of years ago, Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest whole-body systems of medicine.  In Sanskrit, “Ayur” means life and “Veda” means science – Ayurveda is the science of life. The goal of Ayurveda is not only the absence of disease but also to promote a balanced state of health and wellbeing. There is an understanding that the body, mind, and spirit are connected and that imbalances in one system will affect the other. The Ayurvedic approach to treatment is personalized and involves a detailed assessment of one’s current lifestyle, diet, digestion, daily habits, and health status, and treatment may include nutrition, herbs and supplements, lifestyle modifications, and specific yoga, meditation, and exercise practices depending on the nature of the imbalance.

Sleep Medicine

Personalized Care

Dr. Bhopal is a careful listener and collaborates with her patients to formulate a treatment plan that addresses each person’s unique needs and leverages their strengths and capabilities. The treatment process will include a comprehensive review of questionnaires and rating scales, laboratory tests, clinical interview, Ayurvedic assessment, sleep assessment, and a review of medical records.



"The three years I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bhopal’s have been the most transformative of my adulthood. When we first started, I was adrift - self-sabotage, self-medicating and self-destructive, I was failing in my transition from post-college new grad to full adulthood. Not only did she immediately pinpoint the root cause of my struggles, but she patiently, and insightfully deconstructed the unhealthy patterns I had fallen into, while teaching and re-teaching me healthier and more wholesome ways of living. I’m now in the happiest relationship in my life, and in an upward trajectory in my career. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a therapist,  CBT specialist, life coach and even, career counselor.

— Tech Executive


Areas of Specialty

Sleep Optimization



Stress reduction

Work performance

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Communication & Relationships

Building healthy habits


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