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We guide you through holistic, science-based strategies to improve mental health & sleep, while reducing use of psychiatric medications.

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Are you ready to feel refreshed, balanced, and motivated?

Imagine sleeping soundly, feeling less stressed, and having mental clarity. 


We help busy professionals optimize their mental wellbeing and sleep so they can achieve their full potential.

We specialize in working with high performers, including:

  • Tech Professionals in Silicon Valley

  • Entrepreneurs & Executives

  • Entertainment Professionals

IntraBalance Integrative Psychiatry & Sleep offers premium, state-of-the-art care with an expert approach.  


Compassionate. Confidential. Proven results. 

Our Unique Process 

  • At IntraBalance, we help high performers sleep better and find balance by uncovering the root causes of the symptoms that might be holding you back.

  • We specialize in Integrative Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine and can help you enhance your wellbeing – day and night.  ​


  • We offer relaxed, unhurried appointments, flexible scheduling, and easy, actionable protocols to help you achieve your wellness goals.

  • Our integrative framework includes diagnostic testing, nutrition, meditation, yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, and principles of coaching and Ayurveda.

  • We'll use psychiatric medications carefully when needed while addressing every aspect of health and wellbeing - mind, body, & spirit.


  • ​We specialize in working with entrepreneurs, executives, leaders & high performers who are motivated to take their performance to the next level. 

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Better sleep means better performance.

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"The three years I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bhopal’s have been the most transformative of my adulthood. When we first started, I was adrift - self-sabotage, self-medicating and self-destructive, I was failing in my transition from post-college new grad to full adulthood. Not only did she immediately pinpoint the root cause of my struggles, but she patiently, and insightfully deconstructed the unhealthy patterns I had fallen into, while teaching and re-teaching me healthier and more wholesome ways of living. I’m now in the happiest relationship in my life, and in an upward trajectory in my career. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a therapist,  CBT specialist, life coach and even, career counselor.

— Tech Executive


Meet the Doctor 

Nishi Bhopal M.D. 
Board Certified in Psychiatry, Sleep Medicine & Integrative Holistic Medicine 

As a busy professional, I can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed, feeling like there’s so much to do and not enough hours in the day! This has led me down my own path of personal exploration, growth and development. I’m passionate about helping high performers achieve your goals without sacrificing your health and relationships. 


I'm triple board certified and have advanced training in integrative psychiatry and sleep medicine. I also bring in elements of mindset coaching, yoga and meditation, and Ayurveda into the treatment approach. I'm a life-long learner who keeps up with the latest research, and I love sharing the resources I've gathered. 


My goal is to help you tap into your unique strengths and innate ability to heal, and guide you through a plan that will help you sleep better and perform at your best in every facet of your life.

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